How Signing Service Subscriptions Work

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Getting Started

Signing Service can initially be used without a subscription to get started. To unlock the full abilities of Signing Service go to the product page for more information and to purchase available subscription tiers.

Choose Number of Clients

After choosing a subscription tier, select how many licensed clients are needed. Clients in this case are the number of machines that would be running Signing Manager and making signing requests to the signing server.

Enter License File

After purchasing a subscription and receiving a license file, install Signing Service and go to the Subscription page in the web application, then click the “Edit” button to enter the license file.

Subscription Renewal

After installing Signing Service and entering a license file the Subscription page will show one date that will indicate when to expect your subscription renewal charge to be processed. When subscription renewal occurs a new license file will be sent to the email address used when purchasing. This new license file will need to be entered on the Subscription page before the date shown stating when the current license file will expire. After the expiration date Signing Service will revert to the Free Tier until a new license file is entered.

Update and Cancel

If you later need to update the credit card on file for your subscription, visit Twocanoes Profile to manage your subscription. From there you can sign up or sign in to your customer account. Signing Service will appear on your “Assets” page and will include a link to “Update subscription” that can be used to enter new credit card information.

If at some point you no longer intend to renew your subscription, your customer account page will also include a link to “Cancel subscription”. Use this link to request that your subscription not be renewed after it expires.

Change Subscription

If at some point after starting a subscription you need to change your subscription tier or number of licensed clients, please contact us.