What’s New in MDS 2.0.1

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Fixed issue with .app error

A regression where adding in an app to the Packages folder gave an error instead of being repackaged.

Fixed Preferences UI issues and log button issue in main UI

The log button on the main interface did not open anything. Some buttons were slightly cut off in preferences.

Fixed toolbar

Rearranged the toolbar a bit to make it look more pleasing.

New Imagr build to fix issue when new APFS volume is created and cache needs to be cleared

When an APFS volume was erased and recreated, the cache was not cleared and the restore would fail. On subsequent runs, the operation would succeed.

Initial MDM Profile UI has wrong text

Updated text.

Save to volume creates duplicate package archive folder in source each time a workflow is saved

If a package is set to run with the workflow, it is no longer repackaged.

Show status for First Login installs

When a package is set to install at first login, a log window will now appear to show progress.

Cursor jumps when typing in the workflow name textbox

When editing the name of the workflow, edit would cause the cursor to jump around. Refactored so that workflow names are no longer used as the folder names (non-ascii characters are stripped and hash of the original name is added to the end of the updated name).