Using MDS 4 with Apple Silicon

Apple Silicon provides some unique challenges when deploying Mac in large environments. MDS 4 brings support for deploying new, out-of-the-box Macs as well as wiping and restoring M1 Macs that have existing users.

MDM Device Info Users List

Change Password will only change the selected user account password if the Mac has been enrolled via Device Enrollment and the user account was created during the initial setup specified in the initial configuration profile.

MDM Profile User Account Guide

MDM only supports creating a single user via the initial profile. You can create additional users as part of an MDS workflow. If you create additional users here, they will be ignored. It is possible in the future that multiple users can be created. If you select the Skip Primary Account Creation option, the Setup…


MDS Admin Guide

Overview MDS is a macOS application to create the resources needed to automate the install of macOS and initial software packages. Recent Macs do not support NetBoot or booting to external drives for setup. MDS solves this problem by providing a mechanism for initially installing macOS and software packages via the recovery partition. Requirements for…


Configure MDS Automaton

The MDS Automaton automates the keyboard presses needed to fully automate a Mac setup using the resources for the MDS macOS app. Specifically, when the MDS Automaton is plugged in to a USB keyboard, it will send the keyboard command to boot to recovery (command-R) then wait for a default 30 seconds. The keyboard commands…


Deploying macOS and Windows 10 Using Winclone Pro and MDS

Note: Please use MDS 1.5 or later and Winclone Pro 7.3.3 or later. MDS is a free, efficient way to deploy macOS, packages, and scripts to modern Macs. Winclone Pro creates standard macOS packages that partition and install Windows 10. Using MDS, you can quickly deploy Dual Boot Macs, setting up both the Mac partition…


MDS 2: ASR Imaging and MDM / DEP Deployment

MDS 2 add in some big new features. ASR imaging reduces macOS install times from 22 minutes to less than 2 minutes. MDS 2 also integrates microMDM for features such as macOS setup assistant customization, remote management (ARD) screen controls, DEP, and lots more. Watch the video to see a demo of these exciting new…


Creating and Importing MDM Push Certificates into MDS

In order to manage Macs with MDM, MDS requires an Apple-signed Push Notification Certificate to talk with the Apple Push Notification Service (APNS). There are a number of different ways to obtain this certificate, but the easiest and fastest way is with Twocanoes Software.  Twocanoes Software does not provide the Apple-signed Push Notification Certificate since…


Deploying Macs with Workflows, MDM and Device Enrollment

MDS 2 adds in Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Deployment Enrollment. Deployment Enrollment is part of Apple Business Manager (ABM) or Apple School Manager (ASM). Since many of these technologies overlap, understanding how the options work will help decide which ones to choose when deploying Macs in different environments. Deploying macOS When a new Mac…