Mounting Target Volume Read-Write in macOS Recovery

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When installing a package in macOS Recovery on macOS 12 Monterey, the installer requires that the target volume is mounted read/write. To accomplish this in MDS, you add a script that runs before the package that mounts the target as read/write. Once the target is mounted read/write, the package installation will succeed.

This is only needed if you are installing packages in recovery, such as a Winclone package. Typically, packages are installed after macOS is installed or when macOS is booted.

To add a script in MDS to mount read/write:

  1. In the SampleScriptsAndResources on the MDS disk image (or on Bitbucket), find the script called “” in the Mount_ReadWrite folder. The script is a very simple script:

mount -uw "{{target_volume}}"
  1. Add the script to your script folder in the MDS workflow and drag it to the “Before packages are installed when running workflow” section:
  1. Save the workflow

The target volume in Recovery should now be mounted read/write; the package should now be installed successfully on macOS Monterey.