New Features in MDS 1.6

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Webserver for Hosting Images

A folder can now be selected to host disk images over HTTP. The webserver starts when the checkbox is selected and there is a valid path specified. Files in the folder can be viewed in a browser by clicking on the URL that appears below it. To use the URL, mount the disk image in recovery by running “hdiutil mount ” and then run the workflow selector as normal.

First Boot Scripts

If macOS is not installed when running the workflow, packages can now be specified as “first boot”. This option will install packages after the workflow is run and the Mac is rebooted to the target volume. The package installation does not require a user account and will run over the login window or setup assistant. After the packages are installed, the Mac is rebooted again to the target volume. This options allows packages to be installed that require being booted from the target macOS and macOS was not installed with the workflow. A restart option was added to workflows to restart the Mac to the target volume when no macOS is installed and the workflow is complete.

Target Volume

When a workflow is run automatically, Imagr would select the first Mac formatted partition or a partition named “Macintosh HD”. A new option was added to specify the name of the volume to be automatically selected.

Rename Volume

The target volume can now be renamed to the specified name.


Workflows can now prompt for variables named mds_var1 to mds_var9. In MDS, specify a description and the user will be prompted when the workflow is run. The value specified will be passed to any custom scripts as the specified variable name and the value specified. Variable names cannot be specified as a security feature.

Note: Variables are stored in NVRAM when set and deleted when scripts are run. Verify that any sensitive information is not exposed or left in NVRAM when testing.


  • Moved network options to its own section
  • A blank password can now be specified for a user
  • Turned off “wait for networking” in Imagr since that option is handled in the package scripts.
  • Fixed issue where the password hint didn’t work unless you used a ssh key
  • Fixed issue with profiles did not install
  • Fixed quote in run script
  • Tweaked automaton configuration to make it more reliable
  • Added a warning if no user account is created and setup assistant was skipped
  • Moved log to toolbar button