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Deploying macOS and Windows 10 Using Winclone Pro and MDS

May 27, 2020

Note: Please use MDS 1.5 or later and Winclone Pro 7.3.3 or later. MDS is a free, efficient way to deploy macOS, packages, and scripts …

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What’s New in MDS 1.9

July 16, 2019

New Features in MDS 1.9: First User Log In Packages Installation: Packages can now be specified to install when the first user logs in. Some …

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What’s New in MDS 1.8.1

July 15, 2019

MDS 1.8.1 includes various bug fixes Fixed issue with packages installed with the workflow Fixed issues where home directory didn’t exist for additional scripts Fixed …

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Use MDS to Set Up macOS Dock and Background Image

June 17, 2019

MDS can be configured to set up a macOS Dock and Background image. The Dock is configured by using a preference file from a Mac …

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What’s New in MDS 1.8

May 5, 2019

MDS 1.8 adds in a slew of features to make deploying modern Macs fast. Resource and Workflow Syncing In environments with a central IT or …

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New Features in MDS 1.7

April 24, 2019

Hosting Munki Repository Munki is a set of tools that, used together with a webserver-based repository of packages and package metadata, can be used by …

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New Features in MDS 1.6

April 14, 2019

Webserver for Hosting Images A folder can now be selected to host disk images over HTTP. The webserver starts when the checkbox is selected and …

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Installing earlier versions of macOS from the Recovery Partition with MDS

March 30, 2019

Issue Summary If an MDS workflow is run from the macOS recovery partition and the version of the recovery partition is newer than the version …

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What’s New in MDS 1.5

March 28, 2019

New Features Quickly set up and provision Macs with MDS 1.5. We’ve added in a bunch of new features in MDS 1.5 to make MDS …

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MDS 1.4 New Features

March 26, 2019

Major Features MDS 1.4 adds in more options and refines the current features. Updated Workflow UI Ability to create user including long name, short name, …

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