MDS 1.4 New Features

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Major Features

MDS 1.4 adds in more options and refines the current features.

Video highlighting new features in MDS 1.4
  • Updated Workflow UI
  • Ability to create user including long name, short name, password, UID, and SSH key
  • Prompt for computer name or set as serial number
  • Skip Setup Assistant with option to configure to allow Location Services automatically
  • Skip User Privacy and Location Setup for new users
  • Enable Screen Sharing
  • Join WiFi after macOS install
  • Join WiFi when launching Imagr in recovery
  • Try both en0 and en1 when configuring WiFi in both recovery and post install if those options are set.
  • Can specify a .app instead of a .dmg for installing macOS (though both work).
  • Imagr no longer creates an unneeded folder that results in a /Previous Content folder getting created.
  • Default name of the disk image is now first active workflow name.
  • Remote logging to MDS app and Imagr Server
  • LED flashing for Automaton monitoring
  • Enable SSH option
  • Support for installing profiles
4a319f7 : fixed issue with skipping setup buddy
92d3701 : check for empty uid for user and use 501 if not specified; fixed issue where scripts did not install if OS was not installed
c1977e9 : fixed issue with autorun index
f831a85 : fixed issue with script folder; save window position; added glyph for open log window; log stays running when you close window
df1bb45 : refactored script to install profiles and scripts
5d8c90a : added in remote logging for scripts
1530d62 : added in beginnings of remote logging
26a7a66 : project files update
3408d1f : Merge branch 'recovery_timing' into develop
82fc7aa : added in option for location services when skipping setup assistant
180f966 : Remove initial delay for automaton DEP command and add LED flash
d0e84ce : Fix key press duration for automaton enter_dep
e0c4f1b : better checking of imagr version; default save name is now name of first active workflow
7ff9996 : warn user when workflow is set to run automatically but not active
0606d3c : fixed warning about imagr check when no internet. just silently log
35ac59e : fixed slash in workflow name
c9efdc2 : added ability to turn on ssh
082c2e3 : add option to setup wifi
3b5c190 : fixed skip setup assistant issue
3271050 : Merge branch 'recovery_timing' into develop
2aa51d0 : resized workflow images
90c806b : enabled scripts for disabling setup assistant and privacy setups
066386a : updated UI
d49ea00 : cleaned up repo a bit
cee8992 : implemented profiles folder so when you add profiles to a folder, they get packaged up with scripts and installed during script in a package installation
4653188 : Refactor enter_dep
1f116e5 : Fix timing for boot to recovery command
8c7ca14 : slimmed down DEP command
4d2c15b : fixed export extension
05215be : set wifi info for recovery

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