Activating Mac Deploy Stick

Once you install the app and launch it, you’ll be presented with an option to purchase or activate : Enter the license key by clicking “Activate License” and enter in any email address and the license key: Click Activate and you will now have a fully activated copy of Mac Deploy Stick.

MDS Automaton

The Mac Deploy Stick Automaton is used to send commands to a Mac for fast and easy setup of a large number of Macs. The MDS Automaton comes with an enclosure and a USB cable for easy setup. Features Adafruit ItsyBitsy microcontroller (preconfigured and installed in enclosure) Microcontroller enclosure USB cable (micro-USB to USB-A) If…


Automaton Bundle

We are considering offering a bundle for all the pieces for an Mac Deploy Stick Automaton. If you are interested, please fill out the form. If we get more than 100 people interested, the bundle will become a reality. There is no commitment, but please only fill it the form if you are interested. Your…