Create User with macOS Package

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Note: The content of this post is no longer relevant as of MDS 1.4 in which a workflow can be configured to create a user account automatically. See version history.

You can use a package to create an initial user on macOS with MDS using the pycreateuserpkg script from Greg Neagle on GitHub:

#create a folder for our work
mkdir projects
cd projects

#get the script (if this errors, download the developer command line tools).
git clone

#go into the project
cd pycreateuserpkg

#run the script with options replacing username, password, UID, and where you want to save it
#createuserpkg -a -u UID -n SHORTNAME  -p PASSWORD -V VERSION -i  PACKAGE_IDENTIFIER /path/to/save/user.pkg
#this will create an admin user named "mac" with password "mac" with a package version "1" and a package identifier com.twocanoes.mds.createuser and save it to a package called User.pkg in /tmp. Don't worry too much about the version and identifier, just use reasonable values.
#The UID should be something >500, since macOS starts creating users around there. I usually start at 900. 
./createuserpkg -a -u 900 -n "mac"  -p mac -V 1 -i  com.twocanoes.mds.createuser /tmp/User.pkg