MDS Version History

Current Beta

No beta at this time.

Change Log

Version 4.3 Build 48086

Released 2022-06-22

  • Converted Download macOS to use Mist
  • On Apple Silicon Macs, user is now prompted to use “Erase Mac” rather than Disk Utility
  • Automaton firmware enhancements (timing issues)
  • UI tweaks
  • Status indicator for remote log
  • Progress indicator for downloading macOS
  • Fixed PHP for Monterey
  • Fixed issue when not installing macOS and running first-boot commands
  • Fixed issue where loginlog did not run over login window when not installing macOS and running first-boot commands
  • Added new icon
  • Added new dmg background

Version 4.1 Build 41137

Released 2021-11-16

  • macOS Monterey compatibility
  • Bug fixes

Version 4.0 Build 40106

Released 2021-06-10

  • Apple Silicon Support: Run workflows on Apple Silicon Macs
  • Arduino on Apple Silicon: Reduce the time in front of an M1 Mac to less than 7 seconds!
  • Override Workflow Options: Use a script to select which workflow to run based on hardware properties
  • Works with Log App: Shows when packages are being installed on Apple Silicon Macs
  • Works with Auto Advance: Zero-touch setup of Macs enrolled in Apple School Manager or Apple Business Manager
  • MDS Deploy: A replacement for Imagr to run workflows on Apple Silicon Macs
  • Unmount workflow resources drive on MDS Deploy exit
  • Package Signing Certificates: Any identity can now be used for signing packages

Version 3.6 Build 36240

Released 2020-12-21

Limited Big Sur support (see remaining issues)

Version 3.5 Build 35201

Released 2020-09-29

  • Migrate settings: Export all MDS settings to move to another machine
  • More MDM abilities: Lock device, set firmware password, change the device name, schedule OS update, list user accounts, remove a user account, change user password — Right-click an MDM device to send commands
  • Reboot after first boot: Choose whether to have a workflow reboot after running first boot items
  • Any scripts that have com.twocanoes.mds-pre as a prefix in the name are run first
  • Fix showing Munki version
  • Change Download macOS to not require special access to user folders

Version 3.0 Build 30108

Released 2020-05-26
Release notes

  • Updated user interface
  • All services run in the background
  • All-new web services
  • Inventory powered by MunkiReport
  • Service version monitoring

Version 2.2 Build 22014

Released 2020-04-15
Release notes

  • URL for macOS installer or ASR disk image
  • Display computer names for enrolled MDM computers
  • New MDM commands
  • Delete device from MDM server
  • Other enhancements:
    • Reordering of resources
    • Prevent sleep
    • Automatic download of online resources
    • MDS workflow name variable
    • Improved Imagr UI
    • Automaton improvements
    • New sample packages
    • Persisted location for select folder dialog
    • Customize Run command
  • Misc. fixes

Version 2.1 Build 21853

Released 2020-03-03
Release notes

  • Fixed issue with repackaging and copying
  • Pop-up menu options for Variables

Version 2.0.1 Build 20252

Released 2020-01-16
Release notes

  • Fixed issue with .app error
  • Fixed Preferences UI issues and log button issue in main UI
  • Fixed toolbar
  • New Imagr build to fix issue when new APFS volume is created and cache needs to be cleared
  • Initial MDM Profile UI has wrong text
  • Save to volume creates duplicate package archive folder in source each time a workflow is saved
  • Show status for First Login installs
  • Cursor jumps when typing in the workflow name text box

Version 2.0 Build 20119

Released 2019-12-02
Release notes

  • MDM with Deployment Enrollment
  • Download macOS installers right in MDS
  • ASR restores
  • Support for macOS Catalina (10.15)
  • User account photos
  • Efficient workflows
  • Pre-install scripts with ASR
  • Updated graphics for both light and dark mode
  • Self-signed certificate is now shared between services and has a better tool for creation
  • Multiple options for having MDS Automaton restart Mac to different Internet Recovery modes
  • Added support for skipping ScreenTime Setup Assistant in Catalina

Version 1.9 Build 19115

Released 2019-08-26
Release notes

  • First user log in option for package installation
  • Updated preference window
  • Improved Chromebook support for wireless (802.1x support)
  • Option to restart or shutdown after running workflow. Previously this was only available if not installing macOS
  • Added language sample script and updated other sample scripts
  • Better Arduino timing when flashing software

Version 1.8.1 Build 18103

Released 2019-07-30
Release notes

  • Fixed issue with packages installed with the workflow
  • Fixed issues where home directory didn’t exist for additional scripts
  • Fixed regression where blank password did not work
  • Added additional sample script to show how resources can be copied to user desktop

Version 1.8 Build 18059

Released 2019-06-13
Release notes

  • Workflow syncing to remote master
  • Improved automaton creation and configuration
  • Improved workflow management: duplicate, delete multiple, export selected, export with or without passwords
  • Automatically erase FileVault volumes with automaton
  • Automaton for Chromebooks
  • Have a workflow create multiple user accounts
  • Set user account to automatically log in
  • Computer name variables

Version 1.7 Build 12406

Released 2019-05-28
Release notes

  • Hosting Munki Repository
  • Munki Client Configuration
  • Signing Packages
  • Computer naming is now done before packages are installed
  • Improved support for unicode characters

Version 1.6 Build 11641

Released 2019-04-26
Release notes

  • Webserver for Hosting Images
  • First Boot Scripts
  • Target Volume
  • Rename Volume
  • Variables
  • Moved network options to its own section
  • A blank password can now be specified for a user
  • Turned off “wait for networking” in Imagr — that option is handled in the package scripts.
  • Fixed issue where the password hint didn’t work unless you used an SSH key
  • Fixed issue with profiles did not install
  • Fixed quote in run script
  • Tweaked Automaton configuration to make it more reliable
  • Added a warning if no user account is created and setup assistant was skipped
  • Moved log to toolbar button


  • Script and profile ordering
  • Package install pre-macOS and post-macOS
  • Password hint support


  • Updated Workflow UI
  • Ability to create user including long name, short name, password, UID, and SSH key
  • Prompt for computer name or set as serial number
  • Skip Setup Assistant with option to configure to allow Location Services automatically
  • Skip User Privacy and Location Setup for new users
  • Enable Screen Sharing
  • Join Wi-Fi after macOS install
  • Join Wi-Fi when launching Imagr in recovery
  • Try both en0 and en1 when configuring Wi-Fi in both recovery and post install if those options are set.
  • Can specify a .app instead of a .dmg for installing macOS (though both work).
  • Imagr no longer creates an unneeded folder that results in a /Previous Content folder getting created.
  • Default name of the disk image is now first active workflow name.
  • Remote logging to MDS app and Imagr Server
  • LED flashing for Automaton monitoring
  • Enable SSH option
  • Support for installing profiles


  • Change Disk Image Volume Name
  • Prompt and Set Computer Name
  • MDS Automaton Bootloader Command
  • Specify Package Folder
  • Customized Imagr serverurl
  • FileVault Support


  • Import/Export: Workflows can now be imported and exported
  • Package Only Installs: If Install macOS is deselected, no OS upgrade or install will be performed, and Imagr will just install the specified packages
  • Firmware Update Prompting: If firmware updates for the automaton are available, the user will be prompted when trying to configure the automaton
  • Automaton DEP configuration mode
  • Automaton Boot to Recovery mode


  • New name: Mac Deploy Stick is now called MDS
  • Per workflow macOS: Specify the OS in each workflow
  • Packages & Apps: Apps placed in the Packages folder will be installed in the target Mac
  • Scripts: Scripts can be added to a workflow to be run after packages are installed
  • Upgrade macOS: If “Erase and Install” option is deselected, the target Mac’s existing OS will be upgraded with the specified macOS installer instead of being erased and replaced
  • More Package Types: MDS now supports bundle package types (both pkg and mpkg)
  • Faster: When a workflow is run, the packages are installed faster
  • Automatically Run Workflow: An option to have a specified workflow run automatically after the specified countdown


  • Improved process for flashing Arduino
  • Fixed bug related to downloading resources


  • Create Workflows
  • Install Packages
  • Install macOS
  • Label Workflows
  • Automate Restores
  • Create Bootable macOS Volumes