Winclone Pro 10 Technical Specifications

All Features

Winclone Pro Winclone Pro Enterprise
Price $499.99 $5 per Mac per year

Import WIM from Install Media or other source

Import WinPE files created by MDT

Shrink and Expand NTFS Filesystem

Block-Based Imaging

WIM-Based Imaging

Mount NTFS Read/Write

Package Creation

Restore Package to Existing Boot Camp Partition

Create Boot Camp Partition by Size and Restore image

Make EFI Bootable

Make Legacy Bootable

Make Self-Extracting

Package Boot Mode Customization

Customize Owner Name, Organization, and Time Zone on Windows first boot

Customize Computer Name on Windows first boot

Create Admin user account on first boot

Add resources, scripts, and software to Boot Camp post-install

Setup first-run script

Create Boot Camp Partitions by Percentage and Restore Image

Installer Package Signing

Boot Camp Driver Injection

Perpetual Licensing with paid upgrades

Custom Unattend.xml Configuration and Recommendations

Assistance with WinPE/MDT integration

Assistance with Windows Driver Injection to image

Assistance with initial Image creation

Assistance with first-run script customization

Phone call with IT staff for planning, testing, and troubleshooting

Recommendations and best practices for initial Image creation

Enterprise subscription pricing