Windows Filesystem Write Support on Ventura or later

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Starting with macOS 13 Ventura, macOS cannot mount Windows (NTFS) filesystem as writeable. This does not affect the basic operations of Winclone, but it does prevent these features from working without installing additional software:

  1. Mount Read/Write (Winclone or Winclone Pro)
  2. Inject Drivers (Winclone or Winclone Pro)
  3. Quick Install Windows with Driver Install (Winclone or Winclone Pro)
  4. Package install with SysPrep or SetupComplete.cmd (Winclone Pro)

In order to activate these features, a 3rd party NTFS driver must be installed. We have added in compatibility for the 3 NTFS drivers:

  1. NTFS-3G with macFuse (free)
  2. Tuxera (Paid)
  3. Paragon (Paid)

We are not able to bundle macFuse with Winclone due to license restrictions but it can be installed via brew. Please see this article for complete details. For Winclone, only these steps need to be taken:

  1. Download and install the latest release of FUSE for macOS from You will need at least version 3.0.
  2. Install the package manager “Homebrew” as described on
  3. Install NTFS-3G from Homebrew by opening a Terminal and entering the following commands.
brew tap gromgit/homebrew-fuse
brew install ntfs-3g-mac

Note: These commands take a while to run. The command prompt will appear when they are finished.

At this point, open System Settings and approve the macFUSE kernel extension. Reboot when prompted. All the features of Winclone should now be fully enabled.

Deploying Packages

In order to deploy a Winclone package that adds drivers, and uses SysPrep, or SetupComplete.cmd, an NTFS write driver must be installed first and the kernel extension enabled. This can be automated with an MDM or client management solution. See Kernel Extension Policy MDM payload settings for Apple devices for more information.