App Store Purchases

Some of our App Store Apps support limited and unlimited trials. You can continue to use the app by clicking the Continue button for the length of the trial. Once the trial has completed, the Continue button will no longer be available and will change to Quit.

To purchase the app, click the Buy button. You will be prompted for your app store credentials and the verification of the purchase. Once the purchase is completed, the purchasing sheet will close and the app will no longer show the purchasing sheet.

If you already purchased the app via the trial sheet, click the Restore Purchase button to restore the prior purchase. If no purchase is found, the Restore Purchase button will not give any response.

If you purchased the app in the app store prior to trial purchases being incorporated in the app, contact us for an activation code. The App Store does not provide information on who purchased in the past, so we are unable to automatically send you the activate code.

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