Customer Snapshot

Animal Dental Care and Oral Surgery
Colorado Springs, Co.

image courtesy of https://twitter.com/copetdentist/

Winclone recently helped the canine hygiene clinic in Colorado Springs. Tony Woodward, DVM, uses a Mac but needs Windows to view canine dental X-rays. He uses a dual-boot configuration on his Mac to run both OS X and Windows on Boot Camp. Tony used Winclone to back up his Boot Camp partition and gave him the ability to restore the image to a larger partition. The clinic recently ran out of space on the Boot Camp partition and needed a quick solution.
After using Winclone, Tony wrote about his experience using WInclone to restore an image to a larger partition.

“We had run out of space for more X-rays on our Windows partition. Now we have plenty. Absolutely zero hiccups with the process. I was able to re-partition using the Disk Utility (did not have to use Boot Camp Assistant to re-partition) which is much easier than using Bootcamp. Winclone helped us get our Dental X-Ray capability, mission critical for good dental care, back up and running”.

We are always excited to hear from happy customers, but we also happened to stumble upon Tony’s Twitter page, where he shares unique photos from his patients.

Image courtesy of https://twitter.com/copetdentist/

Image courtesy of https://twitter.com/copetdentist/

Tony was kind enough to let us feature his clinic in our new blog series, “Customer Snapshot”. Check out the video below from Tony about canine dental health.