Disable SIP quickly

Update: It looks like this no longer works and was deemed a security issue and fixed.

Booting into Recovery mode can take a while since the UI has to load and a full disk check is done. There is a way to get into SIP faster: by going into single user mode in the recovery partition:

To disable SIP quickly, reboot the Mac. At the startup chime, press Command-s-r (a good way to remember this is that command-r is the recovery partition and command-s is single user mode). The Mac will boot into the recovery partition via the command line. Since the UI doesn’t have to load and a disk check is not done, it is very fast. You can then do the following things:

  1. Disable SIP

    csrutil disable

  2. Enable SIP

    csrutil enable

  3. Partially enable SIP, but allow changing the boot device (NVRAM)

    csrutil enable –without nvram

  4. Set Firmware Password

    firmwarepasswd -setpasswd

  5. Set allowed netboot servers

    csrutil netboot add address

Thanks for Rob Roy for the awesome tip. Check out his blog.