Deploy a Boot Camp Partition

Winclone Pro makes it easy to deploy a Boot Camp partition to a large number of Macs.  The Boot Camp partition is packaged up in a standard macOS installer package, and  when the package is installed, automatically creates the Boot Camp partition and restores the image.

  1. Install Windows on a Boot Camp partition, install software, and run SysPrep.  See the Deploy Boot Camp Partition as Package With Winclone 6 support article for step by step instructions.
  2. Create a Winclone image using Block-based imaging, and shrink the Boot Camp partition.  See the Block-based imaging versus WIM based imaging support article for more information.
  3. Deploy the package as a standard macOS package install.  Specific instructions are provided for the following ways to deploy a Winclone Package:
    1. Winclone 6 Package Deployment With DeployStudio
    2. Deploy Windows 10 Winclone image with JAMF Pro / Casper
    3. Mass Deploying a Winclone Package with an External Drive


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