Introducing Certificate Request

We are releasing a new app here at Twocanoes Software, and this is one that is especially exciting for me. The app is called Certificate Request and it makes it a breeze to get digital certificate from Active Directory to your key on your Mac.

A long time ago in a past life at Apple, I worked on a proof of concept for requesting certificates from Active Directory without requiring SCEP or Web Services. Recently, I revisited this technique and got it working both with macOS 10.13 and YubiKeys. I thought others might find this useful, so we released a new macOS app called Certificate Request.

Certificate Request is key to getting your Mac configured to use VPN, Wireless (802.1x), or other services that require client certificates (or machine certificates) for authentication. You can use either the GUI app or the command line utility to request a certificate. It automatically looks up all required information from Active Directory using existing credentials, and it works great whether or not your Mac is bound to Active Directory.

So if you use a Mac in an Active Directory environment, check out Certificate Request. The GUI makes it easy to have people set up services themselves, and the command line utility makes it easy to script it for a large number of macs. We also offer our awesome support so you know that you’ll have someone with experience in this area helping you be successful.┬áThere is a 14 day trial so you can see if it works for you risk free!

Interested in Certificate Request? Check out the 14 day trial or sign up for a webinar to learn more about how to get Active Directory certificates on your Mac.