Is Your Show Ready for iBeacons?

Expos, trade shows, fairs, and local markets can all take their attendee’s exhibits to the next level with beacons. Mobile applications for events need to incorporate beacon intelligence and present targeted content to visitor’s phones when in proximity to products. Event coordinators should provide the opportunity for exhibitors to capture attendee’s attention in these often distracting environments.


Each phone application should incorporate easy-to-use content management systems that allow exhibitors to upload content, import product infomation and provide special offers for event attendees. Displaying relevant content is the easiest way to both attract the attention of a consumer and help businesses stand out from the competition.

Advantages of beacon-enabled events:

  • Exhibitors can often miss out on potential business while trying to connect with each visitor at their booth. iBeacons can relay important information directly to potential customer’s smartphones and peak their interest.
  • iBeacons are easy to configure for both temporary or permanent display areas, making them the ideal choice for vendors that travel frequently.
  • Visitors can easily swipe their phone screen when receiving a notification; they don’t have to actively have the application running on their phone.
  • Exhibitors have complete control over content. They can easily update the app to alert customers of changes or updates in event information.
  • Event coordinators can send ad hoc alerts to notify visitors of special events and information right as they enter the event.
  • Attendees can evaluate the event by providing feedback via their smartphone. Event coordinators can trigger these events at the end of each venue or when a visitor leaves the event.

Constraints to implementing beacon-enabled events:

  • It requires a dedicated app with a content management backend system.
  • Cross-platform solution may be required to capture the majority of smart phones used by visitors.
  • There is a need to raise awareness for visitors to understand proximity-based notifications and how to use them.

Beacons have the unique potential to enrich a visitor’s experience at a venue, while also providing exhibitors with the opportunity to gain new business or peak interest in their products. A personalized experience allows exhibitors to tailor the experience at their booth and for event coordinators to improve overall event satisfaction. The infrastructure costs required to build beacon-enabled apps will earn back their value with increased customer satisfaction and business opportunities.

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