Adding a Virtual Machine with Boot Runner

With Boot Runner 2.0 we added the ability to use Virtual Machines. Below are the steps to add a virtual machine to the Boot Runner selection screen.

Select ’+’ sign to add a new Volume

Checkmark ’OS is in a Virtual Machine’

Create a Volume Label

This is the label that end-users will see on the Boot Runner selection screen:

Select the Operating System Icon

This is the icon that end users will see on the Boot Runner selection screen:

Add Popover Text

This is the text end users see when highlighting the volume on the Boot Runner selection screen. Examples including listing software used within the virtual machine:

Enter in OS XLogin and Virtual Machine Path

Enter in your username and password for the OS X user account under which you have Boot Runner installed.

Your virtual machine should be located under the user folder. Enter in the path to the virtual machine using the guided text.

A completed example:

Apply Settings

Click ’Apply’ to add your virtual machine configuration to Boot Runner:

ConfiguringUsers & Groups Login Windows Settings

To allow Boot Runner to log in using the credentials from the virtual machine configuration, go to System Preferences -> Users & Groups-> Login Options and Set Automatic Login to “Off” and Display login window as “Name and password”.