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Participant Check-In Using Scan and Search Features

Download our Bleu Meetings iOS app.

Sign-in with the same username and password that you used to create your meeting on the web interface at

You will see a list of your meetings. Tap on the meeting for which you want to check-in participants. Then tap “Check-in / Find Attendee.”

  • Check-in using scan
    • Point your device’s camera at the Apple Wallet Pass or the barcode included in a attendee’s email.
    • You will see a notice near the top of your screen telling you that the person was checked in successfully.
    • If that attendee had already been checked in, you will see a notice containing the time that the attendee checked-in.
  • Check-in using search
    • Tap the search box.
    • Type all or part of the attendee’s name or email address.
    • Tap Search
    • If you see the person you want to check-in in the list, tap it. You will see “Attendee checked in.”
    • If you try to check-in some who has already been checked-in, you will see “Already checked in!”