Boot Runner 3.0.2 Release Notes

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Boot Runner 3.0.2 Release Notes

New Feature: Added ability to force EFI or Legacy boot.
New Feature: Default boot mode to EFI if Boot Runner cannot discover boot style


Boot Runner 3.0.2 adds in new management key to specify how the selected Windows volume will boot (EFI or Legacy).  Prior to Boot Runner 3.0.2, if Boot Runner could not detect how to boot Windows, Legacy mode was used. Boot Runner is unable to detect the boot style if SIP is enabled in High Sierra (10.13) or later. Boot Runner 3.0.2 introduces a new management key to force the style of booting. Here is how Boot Runner 3.0.2 determines how Windows will boot:

  1. If a configuration profile is installed and the boot style is specified for that volume, that style is used.
  2. If no configuration profile is installed and the master boot record can be read, Boot Runner will automatically select the boot style.
  3. If the master boot record cannot be read, Boot Runner 3.0.2 will assume EFI booting and attempt to boot the Windows volume via EFI.


In order to create a configuration profile to set this new setting, log on to and look under Other Options:


This setting is applied for all Windows volumes that are selected on that Mac.

To manually specify the new key, configure a new top level key with the name “ForceBootType”, with the following values integer:

1: EFI
2: Legacy

For example, this will force EFI booting: