Boot Runner 3.1 Update

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Boot Runner 3.1 adds in additional keys for customizing the Marquee font, as well as new functionality for Linux booting.

Boot Runner 3.1 is a free update for Boot Runner 3 customers or customers with a current Boot Runner support contract. Download the current version at

New Keys

The Boot Runner 3 Setup Guide has been updated with these new keys and the new keys are available in the web configuration app.

Marquee Formatting

The font family name and font size can now be specified with the new keys.



EFI Linux Booting

For Linux booting, the EFI bootloader is on the partition. A new key forces Boot Runner to bless the bootloader on the partition (eg bless /usr/sbin/bless -device /dev/disk0s6 -setBoot -nextonly -legacy)


Fix for typing misses

Boot Runner 3.1 also includes a fix for some customers’ experiences of missed keyboard presses when entering in keyboard and mouse presses at the Login window. The issue was caused by Boot Runner issuing a mouse press to bring the Login window to the front; the mouse press can sometimes cause keyboard entries to be missed. The mouse press now only happens once, when the login window is first shown.