Switch between Legacy and EFI Mode

If you are having trouble getting Windows to boot after restoring, you can try switching between Legacy and EFI boot in Winclone. EFI boot is using on recent hardware and recent versions of Windows. Winclone detects the versions on restore. Switching manually may result in Windows booting if there were issues booting before. To switch…


Tips for Preparing a Boot Camp Migration

Moving Windows to new hardware can introduce problems, many of which can be addressed at the source before the migration. The single most likely problem for Windows after a migration is incompatibility of the hardware device drivers. Windows 10 has proven to be less problematic than previous versions when moved to different hardware. If your…


Running Windows from an External Drive

First, some excellent user videos for migrating to Thunderbolt or USB3.0 Drives: How to Install Windows 10 Boot Camp External SSD USB 3.0 drive There are some general considerations for runningWindows Boot Camp from an external drive: 1. The Windows operating system must supportEFI booting. Windows 7 is not compatible but Windows 8/8.1 and higher…


Windows 7 on latest Mac Models

Starting with the 2015 Macbook Pro and Macbook Air Models, Macs no longer support Windows 7 Please view Appleā€™s boot camp requirements here: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204048

Re-Download License Key

Please visit https://twocanoes.com/redownload Enter in the email you used to purchase Boot Runner and hit enter. A new link to download Winclone and a link to access your license key will be emailed to you. Any problems? Email us at support@twocanoes.com

Run CHKDSK on Boot Camp

Overview As a maintenance practice, you should always run chkdsk in Windows prior to making a Winclone image and shrinking or expanding the Boot Camp file system. Chkdsk is an internal Windows maintenance utility that checks for disk errors and repairs bad blocks. Running chkdsk should be part of routine Windows maintenance. Follow these steps…


Where can I receive additional support?

For immediate answers, try our support forums. Submit a support request. For support and maintenance holders, initiate a ticket or give us a call during business hours, Central Time.

New Download or License Key

Please visit: our redownloads page. Enter in the email you used to purchase Winclone and hit enter. A new link to download Winclone and a link to access your license key will be emailed to you. Any problems? Email us at contact@twocanoes.com

Checking for Updates

From the Winclone main window, go to the Finder menu under Winclone and select Check for Updates… To have Winclone automatically check for updates at every launch, go to the Finder menu and select Winclone -> Preferences… and check the box “Check for new version at startup”.

Sysprep Issues

If Sysprep fails to complete, there are several possible causes: – Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service may interfere with Sysprep. The solution is to stop or disable Windows Media Player Network Sharing Services in Services. – Sysprep may fail with a a “fatal error” message if the Windows system has run Sysprep multiple times…