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Incremental Imaging with Winclone 8

October 4, 2019

Incremental imaging now has more granular controls for scheduling automatic updates of a Winclone image. Winclone 8 can also run incremental images in the background. …

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Create Image from Volume with Winclone 8

October 1, 2019

Create Image From Volume “Create Image from Volume” creates a complete image of the Boot Camp partition, including all files, folders, applications, and the Windows …

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Switching between File-Based (WIM) and Block-Based Imaging in Winclone 6 (or later)

March 18, 2018

Winclone 6 (or later) can clone and restore in 2 different modes: file-based (WIM) or block-based. The differences are covered in the kbase article here. …

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Block-Based Imaging versus WIM-Based Imaging

August 4, 2017

Winclone 6 (and later) has the ability to create Winclone images in either file-based (WIM) or block-based mode. This article explains the difference and information on …

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Tips for Preparing a Boot Camp Migration

January 13, 2017

Moving Windows to new hardware can introduce problems, many of which can be addressed at the source, before the migration. The single most likely problem for …

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