Install Winclone 8 (or later)

To install Winclone 8 (or later), first download it from the Winclone product pageĀ and click the “Download” button. A file with a .dmg extension will be downloaded. Double-click the downloaded file; you should see a window similar to the one below. To install Winclone, double click the Winclone.pkg package. Click Continue to start the installation….


Upgrading Winclone 8

Upgrade for More Features From Standard to Pro In Winclone, you can upgrade from Winclone Standard to Winclone Pro easily. Click the “Buy” button in the top right corner of the main window and your option to upgrade to Winclone Pro will appear: After the checkout process is complete, your new license and receipt will…


Checking for Updates

In Winclone, open “Winclone” in the menu bar and select “Check for Updates”. To have Winclone automatically check for updates at every launch, go to Winclone Preferences (Winclone -> Preferences in the menu bar) and check the “Check for new version at startup” checkbox.