What’s New in Winclone 8.2

Driver Install Option After Restoring Winclone will now prompt to install drivers after an image is restored if no AppleSSD driver is detected on the restored partition. Driver Install Tool Option A new Tools menu item and sheet are now available for inserting drivers into a Boot Camp partition. Drivers Supported Winclone now supports the…


What’s New in Winclone 8.1

Fixed Issue with “Make EFI Bootable” in Tools Menu If a BCD file did not already exist on the EFI partition, the BCD file was not updated. Winclone 8.1 can build a BCD from scratch. Note: This issue did not affect restoring images, as the BCD was set correctly.

What’s New in Winclone 8.0.2

Winclone 8.0.2 enabled an imported WIM to be marked as WinPE Bootable. For more information, see this article on using Winclone 8 with Microsoft SCCM.