If you are restoring a Winclone 6 (or later) image on a Mac that does not currently have a Boot Camp partition, you can use Disk Utility on macOS to create one.  First, open Disk Utility in your Utilities folder (located in your Application Folder).


Select the Disk as shown above, and click the partition button:


As you can see from the screen shot above, the Macintosh HD takes up some space (the hashed area above) and the free space (the solid area above).  Click “+” below the pie graph, and a new partition will be created. Drag the handle on the slice (as shown below)  until the new partition is the size you desire. Change the name to BOOTCAMP, the format to MS-DOS (FAT) and click Apply.


A confirmation sheet will appear. Carefully check which partitions will be add/removed/erase. In this case, a BOOTCAMP partition will be added, the BOOTCAMP partition will be erased, and Macintosh HD will be resized.  Click Partition when satisfied that it is the correct settings:


Once completed, you can see the status as shown below.


Click Done and you will now have a BOOTCAMP partition created:


The new BOOTCAMP partition is now available in Winclone.