Feedback: Cannot connect to bluetooth device that requires PIN

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2/6/24, 10:11:41 PM CST

Cannot connect to bluetooth device that requires PIN

FB13592282 — visionOS

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Cannot connect to bluetooth device that requires PIN

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Finding and pairing for the first time

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Feb 6, 2024 at 10:02 PM


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We sell Bluetooth Smart Card readers that use BLE 5 to connect to iOS / iPad / macOS systems and authenticate with smart cards that use PIN pairing when first connecting to our reader. On the Vision Pro, when connecting to the device for the first time, I get prompted to allow pairing. However, after selecting Allow Pairing, the Vision Pro disconnects from the Bluetooth device and does not pair. On an iOS device or a Mac, I would be prompted to enter the PIN. VisionOS does not prompt for the bluetooth pairing PIN. 

I have tried both in our app, Bluetooth scanner apps, and with 2 different models of readers, and they all fail in the same way.