Flash Physical Web Beacon firmware on Series 100 Bleu Station hardware

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To transform Bleu Station Series 100 beacons or BlueGiga BLED Bluetooth Smart Donglesinto Physical Web Beacons, you’ll need to flash the firmware on the beacon to the latest version of the BLED112 firmware. Get the latest hex file from Google’s Github repository.

The utility used to flash the physical web beacon firmware to your beacon depends on your computer platform. For Mac OS X, download the Bleu Update Physical Web Edition utilityfrom Twocanoes Labs. For Windows users, you’ll need to get the BLE Updater software from the Bluegiga website (may require registration).

Exercise caution when flashing the firmware as there is risk of bricking the beacon. Make sure not to disconnect the beacon while flashing.

For information on configuring the physical web beacon, please see this article.