Getting Started with Bleu Meetings

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Congratulations on your decision to check out Bleu Meetings. It is the easiest way to create beacon-enabled passes for meetings and conferences. Soon you’ll be inviting users, sending out push notifications and updating information on passes in a timely manner. And when folks get nearby your meeting, your Bleu Station beacon will trigger the pass to show on their lock screen.

Getting Setup

In order to get started, you must have an account on You will receive an invite to be an organizer on your first meeting. As an organizer, you’ll be able to create as many meetings as you want and to invite two other people to your meetings. Click the link in the email to assign yourself a password and log in.

Once logged in, youll see your account information and a list of available meetings to which you are an attendee or an organizer. At this point, you will see your first meeting with your assigned role as Organizer.

Your status in this Meeting should show Confirmed once you have logged in. This is for checking the status of other Organizers that have been invited. Click the meeting link to go the meeting details page. Its here where you may add attendees, add other organizers, edit and create Passbook passes and send lock screen push notifications (Alerts) to attendees.
Main Meeting Page
The main page for a meeting gives information on your meeting, allows you to customize the email that goes to participants, add and customize Passbook passes, invite participants and other organizers, and send push notification to attendees.
Customizing your first pass
Passes can be added or removed to a meeting as needed. A Check In pass is created with the meeting. ClickEdit in the list of passes for the Check In pass and you can begin creating your first beacon-enabled pass. Give the dates that the pass is valid, and customize the graphics and backgrounds to fully customize your pass. You can update the information and look on the pass at any time, and anyone that has received the pass will be updated when you push out the changes. This allows you to provide timely information to your meeting participants. You can add in as many back of the pass sections as you like, and customize the display order for the sections in the back of the pass.
Clicking on Push will send silent pass updates to all attendees. Click on the Registration pass to go to the pass details page. Back Side Info consists of existing headers and content that can be edited or deleted. Default information based on meeting data fields are present for the first five sections (meeting name, start time, end time, location and meeting description). Both the heading and body text for each section can be edited as needed. You may also add more sections and re-order the sections as needed.
After you are modifying the pass, click Update Pass and the pass will be saved. Now whenever you send an invite to attendees, they will received a link to install this pass on iPhone or Android.
Beacon Setup
A beacon is automatically associated with the pass when the meeting is created. On the pass page, you will see aCheck-in Area Beacon Zone created. You can modify the lock screen text that shows when the meeting attendee is in range of the beacon.
To set up a beacon with meeting specific information, you use the associated Bleu Meetings app available in the App Store for iOS. Download it on iPhone, and log in using the same credentials you used when first logging in. Follow the instructions to select the meeting and set up the Bleu Station beacon associated with the meeting.
Inviting Meeting Attendees
You now have the meeting setup, a pass associated with the meeting, and a beacon set up to automatically show the pass when in range of the beacon. Now it is time to send out a pass and verify that it is all working. On the main meeting page, add yourself as an attendee and click on Invite. On the Participants page, you can add a customized bar code value for that participant’s pass.
The invite is not sent until you click Send on the participants page. Click Send and check your email on an iOS or Android device. Tap the appropriate pass link in the email to install it on your device. Once installed, you should see the beacon message on the lock screen (iOS) or the notification tray (Android). On iOS, you must lock the device, then wake it up to the lock screen to see the lock screen message. Also, you must be in range of the beacon for the message to appear.
Sending A Push Notification
Now that you have a pass installed, you can send push notifications notify participants of important meeting updates. On the main meeting page, enter in text forSend Alert to Participants and press Send Now. You should see a push notification appear on the lock screen (iOS) or notification tray (Android).
Dynamic Pass Updates
Any updates to the pass are available to anyone that has installed the pass. Try adding in some additional information to the back of the pass, click Update Pass, and then click Push. All installed passes should be updated with the newinformation.
Adding Additional Meetings
To create additional meetings, return to the main meetings page and click the link to add an organization name. After your organization name has been created, you will see a New Meeting button available for creating new meetings.