macOS 10.15 Catalina Status

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Catalina Changes

The macOS Catalina update introduces new privacy controls for protecting data in Desktop, Documents, Trash, and other folders. Apps that use the standard Open dialogs will not be affected since those are considered “explicit” opt-in from the user. Any applications that access files in these protected folders outside of the Open/Save dialogs will be prompted to allow access to these folders by macOS. Processes that are running as another user do not prompt the user for opt-in and are blocked from accessing the protected folders.

Catalina also requires all applications to be notarized by Apple prior to distribution or will be blocked from being installed.


Winclone has been updated to Winclone 8.0 and fully supports Catalina.

Boot Runner

Boot Runner will be updated to 3.2 to fully support Catalina. The only issue with the current version of Boot Runner is a 30 second to 1 minute delay on startup after initial boot on Catalina.

SD Clone

SD Clone 3 has been tested and is shown to be compatible with Catalina. We will be notarizing the app prior to Catalina release. In the meantime, if you get an error message when opening the Disk Image, Control-click and select Open.