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Using Winclone to migrate your Boot Camp partition to a new Mac is easy.  Simply make a Winclone image of your existing Boot Camp partition and then restore that image to a new Boot Camp partition.

  1. Create an Winclone image of your current Boot Camp partition.  Step by step instructions are available at the Create Image from Volume support article.
  2. Create a Boot Camp partition on your new Mac. Step by step instructions are available at the Creating a Boot Camp Partition For Winclone 6 support article.
  3. Restore the Image back to your Boot Camp partition. Step by step instructions are available at the Restore a Winclone Image support article.

Windows may require you to re-install Boot Camp drivers after restore if the hardware is significantly different.  If Windows does not boot due to driver issues on the new hardware, you should use SysPrep to  prepare Windows, create a new Winclone


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