Signing Packages with Winclone 8 or later

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Winclone 8 has the ability to sign packages created with Winclone for deployment of Winclone images. Winclone packages are bundle-type packages, so they must be signed with an Apple developer certificate. To sign a Winclone package:

  1. Obtain a developer certificate by signing up for a developer plan at
  2. Install the developer certificate and private key in the login keychain.

3. Create a package using Winclone Pro.

4. Select “Sign Winclone Package…” from the Tools menu in Winclone.

5. Select Package and the Signing Certificate that was imported into the keychain. Click “Sign Package” and provide a location to save the signed package.

6. Inspect the package by double-clicking. Then, verify that the package was signed by clicking on the lock in the upper right corner of the installer window.