Restore Error – Error creating EFi file

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If you receive a dialog when restoring a Winclone image that says “Error creating EFi file”, it is related to the inability to mount the EFI partition on the disk.  The error message in the log may also show:

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Creating EFI Folder+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
localhost Winclone 6[3757]: 93.00 percent completed
localhost com.twocanoes.WincloneHelper[661]: Error creating /Volumes/EFI/EFI/Microsoft with error The file “Microsoft” couldn’t be saved in the folder “EFI”.
localhost Winclone 6[3757]: Error Error Domain=WincloneHelperError Code=6 “Error Creating EFI File” UserInfo={NSLocalizedDescription=Error Creating EFI File}

In order to make the Mac EFI bootable after restore, Winclone mount a special partition on the disk called the EFI Partition. Windows uses boot files on that partition when booting Windows.

The error is usually related to security or anti-virus software blocking the mounting of this partition. The EFI partition is MS-DOS (FAT) formatted, and should be mountable and writeable in macOS.

To verify that this is the issue, you can manually mount the EFI partition by entering the following command in Terminal:

diskutil mount disk0s1

(you may have to change disk0 to another disk if you are restoring to a different disk).

After running the command, an EFI disk should mount on the desktop. Inside the EFI volume should be an EFI folder. Inside the EFI folder should be an Apple folder and some other files and folders. This last location is where Winclone needs to modify and add files. Try creating a file or folder in the EFI folder to verify it is writeable.

If you cannot write to the EFI folder, disable or add an exception for any antivirus / security software you have installed.