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Restore Image

Restore Image restores a Winclone image created with the Create Image from Volume option. After restoring, Winclone will configure Windows to boot based on the version of Windows and the Mac hardware.

  1. Select a source image. A standard macOS open dialog will appear to select a saved Winclone image.
  2. Select a destination volume. All volumes that are MS-DOS, exFAT, or NTFS formatted will be shown. The specific format is not important as Winclone will format the destination as NTFS prior to restoring.
  3. If the image is WIM-based, there may be multiple images inside the WIM image. The popup will also show the recommended size. Select the correct image for restore.
  4. The destination available space is the size of the destination volume.
  5. When the restore image button is pressed, the image from the source will be restored to the destination.