Restoring an Image

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Common Restore Problems:

  • Make sure that Boot Camp is a large enough partition to contain the image. Compare the size of the image displayed in Sources with the Boot Camp partition size displayed in the Destination window. Make sure the destination partition is at least 3-4 GB larger in size than the source image file system size.
  • Confirm that the Boot Camp partition is the last among the first four partitions on the local drive. Go to Utilities -> Terminal and type: diskutil list to view the partition information. Boot Camp should be disk0s4, meaning the fourth partition on the primary disk.

Restoring an Image:

  1. Select image you created of your Boot Camp partition from the Sources column on the left.
  2. After selecting the image, select the new Boot Camp partition in the Destinations window.
  3. After selecting the source and selecting Boot Camp as the destination, click the Restore to Volume… button in the lower right to begin the restore process.

After restoring the image to your new boot camp partition, restart your computer and boot into Windows partition.