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Saving a Boot Camp to a Winclone image in Winclone 6 is easy. First, select your Boot Camp partition under Sources:


Once you select the source, you will see the options in Destinations change.  Select Save Image.


Select Save Image…


If you are moving the Boot Camp partition to a different Mac, it is a best practice to prepare Windows so that the new hardware is discovered.  Click More Information to read how to SysPrep Windows, or read the article here. Once your Boot Camp partition has been prepared, click Save…


Select a location to save the image.  The volume that you are saving the image must have enough free space and be able to handle large files.  Mac formatted (HFS+) volumes work fine.  Give the image a name and click Save.


Your Boot Camp partition is now being saved.  Notice that a new image is now added to the Sources, and one the save operation is complete, you can then use the image for restoring or creating a package for deployment.