Selecting Winclone Pro or Winclone Pro Enterprise

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Winclone Pro and Winclone Pro Enterprise both include the macOS application Winclone Pro. However, the licensing and support for the software is different.

Winclone Pro

Winclone Pro includes support for all the features in Winclone, including package creation, post-install setup, and WIM import. Winclone Pro provides the features for importing WinPE to use in MDT environments, but any assistance with creating, locating or modifying Microsoft resources in your environment is not included in the support.

Winclone Pro is sold as a perpetual license. Each Mac that uses Winclone Pro or a Winclone Pro package must have a license. Macs that install a package created with Winclone Pro must have a license. The license does not expire, but any future major upgrades must be purchased, including major upgrades that provide compatibility with future versions of macOS and Windows.

Winclone Pro Enterprise

Winclone Pro Enterprise includes enterprise integration support, including phone and email support. During your trial and after you purchase Winclone Pro Enterprise, we will assist with planning, creating, testing, and deploying Boot Camp images. This includes integrating with Microsoft MDT/SCCM as well booting Macs into a WinPE environment. We are also available to discuss options with Windows admins on creating images and injecting drivers into Windows images that will be deployed on Macs in your environment.

Winclone Pro Enterprise is sold as a yearly subscription based on the number of Macs that use Winclone to deploy Windows. If the subscription is not renewed, the Winclone Pro license expires and you can no longer deploy Windows with Winclone. Existing installs of Windows will be unaffected. All major upgrades are included in the subscription: so long as your subscription is active, you will have access to the latest version of Winclone.