Setting Winclone Preferences

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In the Winclone Finder menu, select Preferences. Here you will find your license information as well as several default settings that apply to imaging and restoring processes.

Check for new version at startup:Enabled by default.

When imaging, remove pagefile and hibernate file from source to reduce image size:Default is “Never”. Windows keeps a large file called a pagefile.sys on the Bootcamp partition. This file takes up a lot of space and is recreated on startup. Keeping the default ensures that nothing is changed on the Windows file system when creating a Winclone image, but normally these cache files can safely be removed to save space and processing time during imaging. To always remove the pagefile and hibernate file before imaging, select “Always”. If you prefer to decide each time, select “Ask”.

When restoring, update boot configuration data (BCD): Default is “Always”. Except in rare cases, this setting should always remain “Always”. Do not change this setting unless you are using a custom BCD and know what you are doing.

Share Winclone Images on network: Disabled by default. Enabling this setting will allow other computers on the local network using Winclone to select your Mac’s Winclone images and, with additional authorization, your Boot Camp partition, as remote Sources. Leave this setting disabled unless you need to share your Winclone images over the network.