Troubleshooting Packages

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Package Restore Stalls

Is your package set to create a boot camp partition? If so,please verify:

  • A current partition does not exist on thedestination machine
  • The destination partition is at least 4-5GB larger than the original sourcepartition

On the destination machine, open Disk Utility. Select your computer’s HDD and attempt to add a new partition using the ’+’ sign. View themaximum size your Mac will allow you to create a newpartition. If your package is creating apartition larger than that size, you will need to adjust the package to create a smaller sized partition.

For example, if your Mac only has space to create a new 150 GB partition, set the package to create a 145 GB partition.

If a current partition exists on the system, you will need to remove thepartition before proceeding

Sending Log File to Support

For help troubleshooting your package, please send us the /var/log/install.log to

To locate the /var/log/install.log:

  1. Open your Mac’s Console
  2. Locate var/log on the left hand side
  3. Location install.log
  4. From the application menu, select File -> Save As
  5. Save the install.log to your desktop
  6. Attach to support email