PIV Card Verification

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If you get a “PIV applet not found. Please verify that this is a PIV card” message when using Smart Card Utility for iOS or iPadOS, you can test connectivity, insertion, and communication with a FEITIAN reader by doing the following:

  1. Download iReader from the iOS App Store
  2. Open the app and power on/insert the FEITIAN Smart Card Reader
  3. Insert your smart card into the reader: you should see “Card present” and “Card connected” messages
  4. Copy the following hex code, then paste and send the hex code in the entry field:

The response should be “<9000>”

In order for Smart Card Utility to communicate with the smart card, it must be able to communicate with the applet on the smart card; this test will show if basic communication with the reader is occurring.

If the card reader is not recognized by the app or there is a connected event, the reader may be defective. If the hex returns something other than “<9000>”, the smart card may not be a PIV smart card.

Here is a video of the process: