If you get a “PIV applet not found. Please verify that this is a PIV card” when using Smart Card Utility, you can test connectivity, insertion and communcation with a Feitian reader by doing the follow:

  1. Download iReader from the iOS app store
  2. Open the app and power on / insert the Feitian Smart Card Reader.
  3. Insert your smart card into the reader. You should see a “Card Present” and “Card connected” message.
  4. Copy and paste the following hex code and paste into the text entry field and press the blue up arrow to send: 00a404000ba000000308000010000100
  5. The response should be “<9000>”

In order for Smart Card Utility to communicate with the smart card, it must be able to communicate with the applet on the smart card and this test will show if basic communication is working with the reader. If the card reader is not recognized by the app or there is connected event, the reader may be defective. If the hex returns something besides “<9000>” then the smart card may not be a PIV smart card.

Here is a video of the process: