What’s New in XCreds 3.2

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Build 5197


XCreds now uses ROPG to verify password when logged in. Very useful with Okta and other IdP that do not support token refresh. Requires preferences ropgClientID, ropgClientSecret, and shouldVerifyPasswordWithRopg. Thanks to hurricanehrndz for this pull request.

New Features

  1. New preference key to force local login: shouldPreferLocalLoginInsteadOfCloudLogin . Thanks to jamesez for the pull request.
  2. New preference key show login window based on detecting network status: shouldDetectNetworkToDetermineLoginWindow.
  3. Added self healing for auth rights
  4. Added support for keyboard nav for controls
  5. Detect offline and automatically switch to local login.

Bug Fixes

Remove trailing and leading spaces entered in username