Winclone 6 FAQs

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How many times can I activate Winclone?

Winclone Basic includes one activation, Winclone Standard two activations and Winclone Pro five activations.  If you need to move the license to a different Mac, make sure to first deactivate the license in Winclone Preferences before installing on another computer.  

I have Winclone 6 Basic and it says that I need to upgrade to clone or restore.  Why is this happening?

This is due to another FAT32 or NTFS drive showing up as an internal drive. Try disconnecting any external drives and see if it resolves the issue.

Why does Winclone 6 takes longer to save and restore image?

Winclone 6 does indeed take longer, since it does a file based backup so that it is more compatible with the new USB-C Macs. If you are not migrating to a new Mac, you can turn on the old behavior by selecting Block-based images in the Preferences. The backup speed should then be comparable to what it was before.

I purchased Winclone 6, but when I restore an image from a prior version of Winclone to a new USB-C Mac, I get a warning about block size and Windows doesn’t boot.  How do I fix this?

Since Winclone 6 uses a new file based image format to successfully migrate to a new USB-C Mac, you need to create the image in Winclone 6 on the old Mac and then restore that new image to the new USB-C Mac. Do you still have access to the old Mac?

In Preferences, if I select the option to remove pagefile and hibernate file, and do not have the Block-Basic cloning checkbox selected, I get an error when creating an image.  Why?

You do not need delete to Page and Hibernation when using WIM format, as it does not copy the Page and Hibernation files. You are correct that if you select the option to delete them and then use WIM format, there will be an error. We will fix that in an update. In the meantime, change it back to Never when using WIM format


Where is the option to shrink the filesystem that I saw in previous versions of Winclone?

You no longer need to shrink the filesystem when using the new WIM-based file format.  If you turn on block-based imaging in Preferences, the shrink and restore options return. 

In Winclone 6.0, when i mount the Boot Camp partition as Read/Write, I cannot copy files from the Finder. How do  fix this?

We identified an issue with copying files in the Finder to the NTFS volume mounted as Read-Write and will be releasing an update soon to resolve the issue.