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We just released Winclone 7.3, and it has minor updates to the user interface and progress bar. We also added in offline license validation for customers that use Winclone in environments without network access (like air-gap Macs and some education environments).

Full list of updates:

  • Offline license validation
  • Fix for progress bar during Make Image from WIM
  • Volume to Volume cloning now verifies correct size prior to imaging and prompts when incorrect size
  • Package creation now verifies the size of the image against the size of partition that is being created, and warns if too small.
  • minor fix with Buy Button
  • minor progress bar fixes
  • polish dark mode support
  • resized main window buttons for 10.14
  • updated frameworks to latest

Existing customers can update to Winclone 7.3 for free by selecting Check for Updates in the Winclone menu in Winclone 7. Alternatively, existing customers can visit to download the latest version.

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