Winclone License Key Registration Issues

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If you are trying to activate Winclone and receive an error message such as “Registration Error:¬†Invalid License Key”, there are some steps you can take to resolve the issue:

Check network connectivity

Our activation servers are located at Check that you are able to reach this server in order to activate the license key. You can check to see if the activation server is available by visiting in a browser. If you get a blank page, the site is reachable. If you get an error, try connecting to a different network during activation.

Deactivate License when moving to another computer

Winclone Standard is licensed for 2 Macs. Winclone Pro is licensed to 50 Macs (unless additional licenses are purchased). Our activation server limits the number of activations to the number of licenses. If you want to move Winclone from one computer to another, deactivate the license first by selecting “Deactivate License” in Winclone Preferences.

Request Activation Increase

If you did not deactivate the license on a computer and no longer have access to that computer, please contact us to request an activation increase.