Windows Boot Issues after Winclone Restore

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After restoring a Windows image with Winclone, try these steps if the Windows image does not boot:

  1. Verify that the version of Windows is supported on your hardware. Windows 7, earlier versions of Windows, and 32-bit versions of Windows are not supported on newer hardware. See this article for more information:
  2. Try switching between Legacy and EFI booting. After Winclone restores an image, it sets up the Mac to correctly boot Windows. If the Windows image was set up for a different boot mode and the Mac supports it, booting may fail; switching may resolve the issue. See this article on resolving the issue:
  3. If you are trying to externally boot windows, the Mac may not support externally booting, the drive may not support it, or the interface (Firewire, USB, etc) may not support it for that Mac and that version of Windows. Try different a different external drive or interface if possible and also booting on a different Mac.
  4. Mass storage device changes. If you installing a new SSD, it may present to the Mac as different mass storage device than the Windows version expects. Using SysPrep on the original Windows install prior to creating the image or injecting drivers via a virtual machine may help resolve this issue.
  5. Winclone 10 or later does not support any version of Windows before Windows 10. Please verify which version of Windows you are trying to install.