XCreds Setup with Azure OIDC

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Download the example Azure mobileconfig file.

  1. In Azure, create an app registration, give it a name and a redirect URI of type Mobile with a value of and select Register.

    Make sure the type is Mobile.

    XCreds Azure register an application

  2. Once the app is created, note the Application (client) ID.

  3. Open the downloaded example Azure mobileconfig file in a text editor. Edit the contents and update the client ID to match the Application (client) ID from above.
  4. Install this configuration profile and approve the profile in System Settings.
  5. To give users access to the app, go to Azure AD->Enterprise Applications->xcreds and select Assign users and groups:

  6. Select Add user/group:

  7. Select users to add:

  8. Select Assign to assign users to the application:

  9. Install the XCreds app.
  10. Log out and you should now be able to log in with your Azure credentials.
  11. You can also launch the XCreds app and it will stay running to check for password changes.