XCreds Setup with Google OIDC

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Download theĀ example Google mobileconfig file.

To use XCreds with Google as the OIDC provider:

  1. Make sure you use build 1276 or later of XCreds.
  2. Create a project or select an existing project in the Google Cloud console.
  3. Go to API & Services-> Credentials.
  4. Create a consent screen by clicking the Configure Consent Screen:

    XCreds setup Google consent screen
  5. Select User Type as Internal (or as appropriate for your organization):

    XCreds setup Google user type
  6. Fill out the App information with your organization appropriate info:

    XCreds setup Google app information
  7. Leave Scopes empty:

    XCreds setup Google scopes
  8. Go to the credential section and add an OAuth Client ID by clicking Create Credentials->OAuth Client ID

    XCreds setup Google credentials oauth client id
  9. Select the Web Application and the following details:

    Application Type: Web Application
    Name: XCreds
    Redirect URL:

    XCreds setup Google web application details
  10. Copy client id and secret

    XCreds setup Google OAuth client
  11. Create a profile and make sure to change the scope to not include offline access (scopes should be profile openid) and to include the special key shouldSetGoogleAccessTypeToOffline.

    XCreds setup Google create profile