My favorite Winclone support email

I received this email from a customer years ago, and refer to it often. I wish I was this clever.
From: <redacted>
Date: November 1, 2007 9:14:28 AM PDT
Subject: Winclone killed my hamster.
I was in the middle of using Winclone on my Mac Pro last night when I discovered my hamster Bob had passed on. Checked out. Departed. Was no more. Running on that great wheel in the sky.
Prior to downloading and starting Winclone he was perfectly fine and even well underway constructing a new aspen-shavings house in the northwest cage for weekends and holidays.
Now that I think about it maybe it was actually a mausoleum.
Maybe you should rename it “Murderinghamstersforfreeclone” (misleading since it won’t actually clone a dead hamster).
Otherwise it worked perfectly, thank you.
I’d attach instructions for donation to Bobs Memorial Fund but as Winclone is free you probably can’t afford it anyway.