Newsletter Vol. 12

High Sierra Support and Other News

Hi! It’s Tim from Twocanoes Software. We have been busy working on updates to Winclone and other items, and I wanted to write and share with you what we have been working on (you signed up to receive info about Winclone, so if this is an unwanted email, just hit unsubscribe in the footer).

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MacOS High Sierra

High Sierra Support

The latest version of macOS is right around the corner from Apple, and is looking great! We wanted to make sure Winclone is fully compatible, so we have been testing Winclone with each new beta. We just released Winclone 6.1, which adds in High Sierra support for the current beta and some other enhancements, so make sure that you update to Winclone 6.1 right in the app. One of the biggest improvements in High Sierra and Winclone is improved System Integrity Protection (SIP) support. In macOS 10.11 and 10.12, you had to disable SIP when restoring. In 10.13, if you are on a recent Mac and restoring Windows 8 or later, SIP no longer needs to be disabled and you can restore a Winclone image seamlessly to a new Boot Camp partition.

Download Winclone 6.1 Update

New Articles

Winclone 6 Package Deployment With DeployStudio

If you are using Winclone to deploy Windows to your dual boot Macs with DeployStudio, check out this article that show you how to do it!

Block-based imaging versus WIM based imaging

Winclone 6 now supports two different methods for cloning and restoring your Boot Camp partition: WIM and Block-based. WIM is a standard archive format used for Windows deployment, and opens up a lot of options for deploying Windows on Macs. Check out this article to learn more about the difference between WIM and block-based cloning.

Mass Deploying a Winclone Package with an External Drive

Looking for a quick and easy way to deploy Boot Camp to a large number of Macs? This article covers exactly that. Using an external drive, imagr, and a Winclone 6 package created from Winclone 6 Pro, see how to quickly deploy a Boot Camp partition by booting from an external drive.

Deploy Windows 10 Winclone image with JAMF Pro / Casper

Do you use Casper Suite (now called JAMF Pro) to manage your Macs? This article covers deploying a package created with Winclone 6 Pro to Macs managed by the Casper Suite.


When I last wrote, we had just rolled out our new forums, and they have been very active. If you haven’t checked them out yet, head on over to We also have email and phone support for Winclone Pro customers, so upgrade to Winclone Pro right in the app if you are looking for that level of support.

Thanks for reading, and if you have any comments, feedback, you can follow us on twitter @twocanoessoft or just reply to this message.

Timothy Perfitt
Twocanoes Software